It’s a format I’ve always loved. But most everyone agrees that modern isn’t in a good place right now. And the problem is bigger than banning or unbanning a single card.

The top decks in modern right now are elaborate solitaire decks. Trying to execute their combos as quickly as possible. There was a time that this wasn’t true. Where modern was about eking out value and answering threats in an elaborate game of rock, paper, scissors.

And legacy doesn’t have this problem, for all that there’s a reputation of turn one combo kills. Modern has all of the powerful combos with none of the interaction. Many would and should disagree with me, but this is my “fix”

I honestly think modern needs a few pieces. It needs wasteland. It needs force of will. Not the half baked force of negation we wound up with. And I think we need counterspell. Because otherwise, no matter how curated the banned list we will always see another Hogaak. Another Izzet Phoenix. More dredge. Another splinter twin. Another turbo Griselbrand.

But regardless of my thoughts, modern is a format that I have a lot of hope for. And I really hope that someone better placed puts in the work to fix it. As always, good luck and good skill.


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