So we all knew that Hogaak was getting the mighty ban hammer. That was a foregone conclusion. That said, I’m thrilled that we also got the banning of Faithless Looting and the unban of Stoneforge Mystic. It took me a full day to pick my jaw off the floor. So what now? 

First thing is changes to the existing decks and meta. Axing faithless looting puts the screws to a lot of decks. Time will tell if they’re no longer playable. These decks include but aren’t limited to dredge, arclight Phoenix, vengevine and that… Might be it?

And yet, those were some incredibly highly represented decks. Without any new cards, we still have Jund, UW control, Tron, Humans and Urza decks at an easy tier one. 

And new toys! We got Stoneforge Mystic! By itself, the card is good against Jund, Humans and UW control, and middling to poor against Tron and Urza decks. But what about the rest of the deck? Stoneforge Mystic could make a ton of fringe decks more viable. Notably Death and Taxes. But in terms of metagame. I would expect lots of Tron at tables, beating up on Jund decks. And for better or worse, Tron does not care about Stoneforge Mystic.

There are not enough tools for the card to pressure Tron adequately and the decks Stoneforge will be in are not usually well placed to beat the Tron menace. 

So what do you play??? Well I’ll be brewing something. I might share a deck tech when the beast is finished. But my anticipation would be to pack a deck that can pressure Tron decks and won’t fold to Urza or UW Control. Infect might be in a great place right now. As always, good luck and good skill! 


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