I recently played a Face to Face Open. A modern tournament with a prize pool of a few thousand dollars and over 130 players. This is not the story of how I did. This is the story of a diverse and healthy modern metagame.

As is usually the case with these things, the early rounds were lousy with Burn. That’s to be expected. But the banning of Hogaak and Faithless Looting did really cool things in the short term to the face of the metagame. While playing my matches and spectating others I saw dozens of decks performing well. Burn, Tron, Ponza, Whirza, Death’s Shadow, Jund, Dredge and Scapeshift making notable showings.

Unlike Modern metagame past, games took multiple turns to establish their strategies, interaction was traded.

Instead of decks racing to establish unanswerable advantage. Now of course, some decks try to race, some to combo off and some to grind out incremental advantage, but all were more or less able to do so. In the top eight rounds I saw Dredge facing off against Whirza in a nailbiter of a match where both sides were deploying disruption and Dredge tried to race Whirza and their combo engine.

Suffice to say this is just a tiny sampling of Modern as a whole, and players will almost certainly find the best decks sooner than later. But it was a great day to watch and play, and makes me hopeful for what this format could and should be. Diverse, powerful and interactive.


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