This five cards is going to skew heavily towards Standard playability. Ushering in a new Standard, Throne of Eldraine is giving us a bundle of new standard tools to brew and build decks with. That said, it’s a really and truly exciting set that I’m psyched to draft and prerelease. I just don’t have much idea what the shape of it will be. Even so, here’s five cards that jumped out at me and reasons why.

1. Thorban, Thane of Red Fell
Mono red is dead. Long live mono red. The shape of red decks is going to change with the rotation of wizard’s lightning and goblin chainwhirler among others. That said, I think this chunky beater will likely form some part of a potent red midrange deck, utilizing Chandra, spot removal and potentially saheeli Rai to generate advantage over the mid game. Time 

2. Brazen Borrower
Full disclosure. UG tempo is my standard deck of choice and this spell will slot neatly in there. That said, the raw power level on this card is pretty bonkers. I see it as a mainstay of standard decks for a while yet.

3. Charming Prince
The naming convention of Charming Prince is just fantastic. But not only that, this is a card that seems primed to slot neatly into modern decks. In the sideboard of humans perhaps, and I anticipate in the main deck of Bant flicker. It helps with card flow, extra flicker effects for triggering soulherder and life gain for the difficult burn match. Not bad for two mana. And easier to cast than the WW for Kor Firewalker for instance.

4. Murderous Rider
Wow this card. Hero’s Downfall was a staple of its standard format, as has been Vraska’s Contempt. So the two life isn’t a great payment, but the 2/3 lifelinker on the opposite side is a damn nice consolation prize. Truth is, I could see a world in which modern Jund plays this in their 75.

5. Arcane Signet
Technically legal in standard and associated with Eldraine, Arcane Signet does… Literally nothing outside a Brawl or Commander deck. That said, much like Command Tower and Sol Ring, Arcane Signet is going to be played in nearly every Commander deck from hear on out. Incredibly simple design but potent and useful.


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