This weekend on Arena there’s a pretty huge Standard event, with a potential to win one of every card in standard! Players can submit any standard legal deck, regardless of the size of their collection. I wanted to wax philosophical on ways to approach the Win Every Card event.

First things first. People anticipate that standard is simple and light on interaction. That’s… Not particularly true right now so practice, practice, practice! You need to know what other popular decks are playing and what the bogeyman cards in standard are. Additionally, even if you’re not playing an identical list to what you’re planning for the event. Get close. Play a similar deck plan and learn what you need to do to win various matchups. Figure out what your overall strategy is and lean into it hard. That’s the best way to do well on Saturday.

Metagame! Throne of Eldraine and the standard rotation shook up the format. A lot. Most of the decks and archetypes are brand new as a consequence and the meta is still being established. Aggressive decks are always successful and popular after rotation as their gameplans tend to be more linear and they play fewer reactive cards. Consequently, I think many midrange style decks will be really well positioned. The Great Henge in particular is a card advantage, midrange engine that gains life to stabilize against aggro decks and draws many many cards to pressure control. Shifting Ceratops likely also belongs in the list to shore up control matches along with feasting troll king. That said, there are tons of viable decks and strong cards at the moment. Play what speaks to you!

Whatever else, have a plan for calvacade of calamity decks, UG flash and mono black aggro. All are ferociously popular right now and I’d expect to see lots of them represented. And as always, good luck and good skill!


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