So this may be a recurring segment. I’d like to take a closer look at cards that, for whatever reason, didn’t quite make it. Starting off will be a pet card of mine, that as far as I know found no real traction in any constructed format; Savage Knuckleblade.

The card was sadly outclassed in its standard format by eternal menace, Seige rhino. The card had basically no chance against the six point life swing and five toughness of rhino. Besides which, that standard was widely regarded as one of the worst in recent memory, mostly consisting of four colour good stuff decks centered around siege rhino and mantis rider, respectively.

It entered the modern scene at a bad time too, alongside the vastly more powerful treasure cruise and dig through time, finding no home in the decks of the time, Birthing Pod, Delver of Secrets, Scapeshift and Splinter Twin. Which led to most people forgetting its existence.

I was reminded of the card though when idly brewing modern and considering two cards. Icefang Coatl and Bloodbraid Elf. In conjunction with cards like tarmogoyf and snapcaster mage, I think we might have the core of a reasonable midrange deck. I certainly intend to test it.

If you’ve got pet cards that never stood a chance, feel free to drop a comment. I’d love to do this again and look at cards that never got their day in the sun. As always, good luck and good skill.


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