So far in spoiler season, we’ve seen spoilers for two titans in Theros: Beyond Death. Both are mechanically very similar, sacrificed on entering the battlefield unless they returned from the graveyard using the escape mechanic. I’m really excited to see the rest, but have some ideas already for the ones we’ve seen.

In pioneer, dredgeless dredge has already seen some success as an archetype, and Kroxa, the BR titan is a payoff on both sides of the coin. When milled away, it can return with escape for a paltry four mana, very potentially triggering prized amalgams. On the other hand, cast for two mana, it’s effectively a spell that causes your opponent to discard, requiring no discard outlet to get Kroxa in your graveyard for fun and profit. This seems useful, especially because dredgeless dredge is already RB, and one of its big weaknesses is playing card disadvantage for the sake of synergy and value. 

Conversely, Uro, the UG titan intrigues me as a commander. For 1UG, you get to put growth spiral in the command zone, easy to escape later for additional card draw and land drops. As well, I could see Uro benefiting a food chain deck, allowing one to quickly play extra land drops and drawing towards a combo finish once food chain is in play. For as many lands as you have or draw, that board state results in paying one mana to draw a card, gain three life and play a land. It’s certainly a deck I want to try.

Needless to say, I’m really curious to see more of these titans. As 6/6 giants that escape for four mana and have enters the battlefield triggers, they seem bonkers powerful, and likely a great addition to standard, pioneer and especially commander. And as always, good luck and good skill.


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